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Pace Points


Ready to enjoy the perks of Pace Points?

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With Pace Points, the rewards are literally in the employee’s hands.

Pace Points is a points-based rewards system in which employees earn points based on individual, group and company-wide achievements. With the points, employees can choose the rewards that they want, ranging across categories in health, travel, experiences, transportation and more.

Our Pace Points program is a big deal for us and is unprecedented in our industry. We spent countless hours soliciting feedback, researching prize options, and testing the program out from behind the scenes. The program is intended to put the power in our employee’s hands and let them choose their perks based on what’s most important to them as an individual.

Here’s how Pace Points works:
Employees accumulate points based on specific individual, group and company-wide achievements. They then have the option to cash out points or keep accumulating points and work their way toward some of the top-tier prizes and cash incentives.

Pace Points Rewards:
N6Aers can choose their perks based on what matters most to them – cash, travel, health, experiences, transportation and housing, or quality of life. Pace Points even has a “Dream Pick” category that enables employees to cash their points for prizes that N6A team members have listed on their list of dream perks.

Each category comes with a multitude of world-class prize packages for employees to choose from, all ranging in value from a few hundred dollars to $50,000 and up.


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