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N6A Chairman’s Pick


N6A Chairman's Pick

What’s it About?

The “N6A Chairman’s Pick” is a quarterly program to determine which N6A team member has most effectively demonstrated the values and work ethic that is aligned with N6A’s culture and foundation. The four “Chairman’s Pick” winners will receive an all-expense paid trip to the Grand Pineapple Resort in Jamaica in December 2017.

Who is Eligible?

All N6A team members who are full-time or part-time members of the N6A team at the beginning of each quarter: Interns, Office Managers, Vice President of Operations, Account Coordinators, Account Executives, Senior Account Executives, Account Managers, Account Directors, Group Directors, Vice Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents.

How is it Determined?

Whichever N6A team member is determined by N6A CEO to have exuded the most effective display of the following characteristics over the previous quarter, is named the “N6A Chairman’s Pick” winner for that quarter: accountability, fearlessness, positive energy, sacrifice, selflessness, team spirit.

Facts and Perks:

  • Winner is named during each N6A Quarterly Agency Planning/Review session.
  • 2017 winners will receive an all-expense paid trip to the Grand Pineapple in Jamaica in December 2017.

“N6A Chairman’s Pick” Winners

Winners of N6A Chairmain's Pick Annual Competition