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Dear N6Aers and Future N6Aers,

Welcome to, your home for all things related to N6A’s “Compete and Care” perks, competitions, and culture.

We are extremely proud of what we have built at N6A, and what we are continuing to build for the future.

Just this past year alone, we were named the #1 Fastest-Growing Agency in the United States by O’Dwyer’s, and were honored as one of the 50 Most Powerful Agencies in the United States by The Observer.

Our accomplishments would not be possible without the efforts of our team members, who are hands down the hardest-working, most talented and results-driven in the business. One of the core principles that underscores N6A’s “Compete and Care” culture is our commitment to giving back and ensuring that the N6A culture is rewarding, collaborative and enjoyable at all times. We genuinely want to make sure our team members feel a sense of appreciation for their hard work and contributions.

Along these lines, we have in place a multitude of unique “Compete and Care” benefits to make sure our team members are taking advantage of the many perks we offer to differentiate ourselves from competitors and to stand out as an organization.

We believe our “Compete and Care” benefits are extremely generous, unique, and go well above and beyond what competitors and organizations in other industries are offering. We have this program in place because we want our team members to feel appreciated and motivated at all times.

Enjoy learning about each of N6A’s “Compete and Care” programs, and we encourage you to take full advantage of them all!



Matt Rizzetta
President and CEO
North 6th Agency, Inc.