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Our Six Taglines

1. #Embracethepace: Let’s face it. We are working in the fastest-paced and most competitive city in the world, in one of the most competitive industries out there. Working in the marketing services industry in New York City is akin to working in technology in Silicon Valley, fashion in Milan, or entertainment in Hollywood. It doesn’t get any better than this. It’s one of the main reasons we have chosen to settle in New York City. Rather than hide from this, at N6A we use this to our advantage. The pace is fast, the city is fast, the work is challenging. Can it be difficult at times? Sure. But the upside is incredibly rewarding and the feeling of success is like no other. Those who #Embracethepace at N6A always come out on top!

2. I Was Wrong: When N6A first opened, there were many doubters who advised us against starting the business. The depths of the recession were in full swing, service industries were experiencing a severe setback, and first-time entrepreneurs like myself were strongly discouraged from starting businesses. Add to that some personal adversity and it made the decision to start N6A an extremely risky one, and one that was viewed as an erroneous choice by many of our peers. One such individual who advised against starting N6A was a well-known titan of the marketing agency world. Several years later, after N6A had grown to become one of the fastest-growing firms in the United States, this individual sent me an email. Remembering the words of “advice” he provided several years earlier, the email had three words, short and sweet. “I was wrong.” It’s part of our culture and what drives us to keep growing and to stay motivated each and every day. Don’t forget that every day at N6A is a mission to prove someone else wrong.

3. Compete and Care: The balance of competition and teamwork is an extremely difficult one, but at N6A we believe that it is the key to our success and differentiation from competitors. Those who are able to compete for themselves on an individual basis, but also display selflessness and sacrifice for the greater good of the team, are the ones who will thrive. This constant juggle between individual competition and team-oriented leadership, is at the center of our every move as a business. If you can compete and care at N6A, you will shine.

4. N6Accountability: Everyone makes mistakes. At N6A, we don’t hide from our mistakes. We use our mistakes to learn, to get better and to improve the service experience for our customers. We ask everyone to hold themselves to the highest level of accountability, objectiveness, and honesty. You will never be reprimanded for making a mistake. You will, however, be reprimanded for mistakes that you don’t own up to. Be accountable. It’s the only way we will improve as a team.

5. Start and End Strong: Think of all the relationships in your life. Friendships, significant others, business relationships, and so on. Imagine if, in each of those relationships, you started every week on a positive note and ended the week on a positive note. Think of the lasting impact that would have. Chances are those relationships would stand the test of time and would only get stronger and stronger as time went on. This is the commitment we have to our customers. Begin each week with good news and end each week with good news. Rinse and repeat every week without exception. It’s what makes our service and the relationships we have with our customers so strong.

6. Championship Months: Rounds 11 and 12 in a boxing match are referred to as “Championship Rounds”. Why? Because a normal boxing match lasts 10 rounds, but when a championship belt is on the line, it lasts 12 rounds. The two extra rounds that separate a regular match from a championship match are referred to as “Championship Rounds”. At N6A, we refer to any months that tend to be slower as “Championship Months”. Summer months, holiday months, and so on. When our competition is out relaxing, it’s our commitment to outwork them, to outsmart them and to outperform them. It’s this commitment to dominating the “Championship Months” that makes our team so special.